Seller Fees

Everything is free for our grand opening!

Currently during the Grand Opening, it is FREE to post your adult auction items in any category including featured. There is no fee or percentage deducted from your sales at this time until further notice.



  • 10% of all sales from each sold item
  • $10.00 for front page featured listing (featured lasts 5 days or until sold)
  • $5.00 for category featured listing (featured lasts 5 days or until sold)
  • There is no fee to list items, sellers will be updated if this were to change 30 days in advance.
  • Sold items will incure a 10% service/processing fee owed at the 1st and 15th day of every month. You will be emailed your invoice with a link to pay your dues. Any unpaid invoices will be suspended and receive 2 late notices, and then terminated there after. All members will be notified 2 weeks before grand opening promotions are over.


Seller Tips


    • Upload pictures of your items for sale. Pictures say as much or more than words in this case.


    • You may post and relist as many items as you can manage.


    • Add tags and key words in the tag line for your new item posting.


    • Featured items can and may be used for ads and social media. By choosing to post in featured you agree to the possible use of your image in our ads or social media blogs/posts. Featured items advertisment will certainly boost your visibility and chances to sell.


    • Encourage buyers to leave good reviews to ensure credibility and quality.


    • We strongly advise against sharing any personal information like address and real name with buyers for your own safety.


    • Please report any abuse, harassment, and or Non Payers to We collect these reports to determine whether a buyer should be banned or not.